Since 1986 the company of the Van Vlimmeren family has been active in floriculture. Initially, they specialised in the growth of dried flowers but since the nineties the company has specialised in growing sunflowers (Heliantus annuus).



In the early nineties many horticultural crops were grown, such as Carthamus, Sweet William and Solidago. The sunflower turned out to be the only one suitable for large-scale cultivation. With the launch of the Helianthus ‘Sunrich’ series, Sunlife Flowers got into gear and this product has become the main branch of the company.



Since 2000 the company has continued to grow into large-scale cultivation and marketing for chain stores. Due to this growth,

in 2006 a new processing hall was put into operation.



In 2016 a new sorting machine will be put into operation in order to offer a premium and uniform quality.


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